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[16.Jul.2011] [scythe]Some more new old things are back up! They're all stuff for my dad, the Fat Cyclist. I'm pretty sure the majority of it was made back in 2007-ish, though the wheel game might have been a couple years later, I'd have to check. Still more stuff to come pretty soon!

[15.Jul.2011] [scythe]I had a lot of art lying around! How about you guys check it out?

[12.Jul.2011] [scythe]Remember the old version of my website? Well I found it and I put it back up! It is not the very very oldest version, but it will do. There is a section for it under the "Miscellaneous" header, or you can click this link here.

[11.Jul.2011] [scythe]Okay there's a lot of stuff that I want to upload, but I have it all figured out now I think. Oh boy, wouldn't it be nice to have stuff to do here again? I'm working on making good pages for all of it!

[08.Jul.2011] [scythe]Hooray for effective use of CSS! I'm gonna upload some old cool embarrassing things tomorrow or soon.

[07.Jul.2011] [scythe]Hi I'm gonna do stuff with the site again! I'm working on cleaning up some of the CSS and HTML. It actually won't look any different but the source will be nicer for me to work with I guess. Anyway then I'm gonna work on getting a lot of my old stuff up for you to play with again. Some of it is already around, but you can't see it yet! Give me a little while.

[04.Sep.2010] [scythe]Gyah, the amazing test demo for my game is not ready yet! But I did finish something that was related to it! It's this little application for making gameboy-style sprites, you see. Later, it will probably be used to make all the graphics for the game. But for now, feel free to play around with it!

[26.Jul.2010] [scythe]In lieu of other updates, I present five new pieces of music! Shards of a Spectre, Crunch Time, Ploy of the Shaman, Cupcape, and With a Side of Fries! Go check them out on the Music page.

Meanwhile, I want to get this game to a point where I can show a demo... I'll try to get it wrapped up within a month of now. No promises, but I'll see what I can do!

[02.Jun.2010] [scythe]Hi I still exist. Just haven't had anything to put up! Through recently I've been working on a cool game with Skub and that's taking a while to do. I think I might do the voice recording for the next cartoon sometime soon, we'll see. But yeah I'm around.

[02.Apr.2010] [scythe]All right! The second cartoon is up and ready for scrutiny! Why not go watch it? Oh, and thanks again to everyone who helped!

So, I'm not really sure what I want to do next here. Yet another installment? Maybe a game? Putting some of my old stuff back up here perhaps? Ah, I'll decide later, I'm just happy I got this done.

[31.Mar.2010] [scythe]Hey remember how I said this would be finished before March ended

Well it is very close to being done, however I may be a day late getting it up, possibly two days considering I'll have to make a page for it. No worries though, Shadow Scythe almost lives up to his promises sometimes!

[09.Mar.2010] [scythe]Well, second "Elemania in Chaos" cartoon is approaching finished status. I will make a promise to you that it will be done before March is gone and spent.

Maybe I'll upload some old stuff after that, I dunno.

...That is all.

[15.Feb.2010] [scythe]Hey there it's me again. I'm here to report that we've got a couple remasters a la BouncyTEM on the music page, and a new one from Skully as well. (Skip to the Beat!) Also, there's a nice little contact page because you guys ought to have a way to talk at me if you can't already. So, nothing too major to speak of but I just want to make sure I keep updating, even if it's just somewhat.

I am working on the next cartoon though. Got all the voices done and I'm getting all the scenes blocked out sort of. So no worries, I'm still here.

[18.Jan.2010] [scythe]Hee hee! What a terrible time to abandon working on the website, huh? Well, I foresee this being a final design, so hopefully it won't happen again.

Now, I have a number of new things to discuss. First of all, this website is now a joint product of work from me (Shadow Scythe!) and BouncyTEM and SkullBuggy. Nextly, you'll notice a few new things, and a general lack of the old things that used to be here. No worries, I'll get the archaic stuff back up later. But for now, why not check out the first cartoon in my new series? Or, perhaps some of the music that me and Skully have been doing? And the fun won't stop here, there's a couple of games I intend to put up as well, as well as a planned game and game-mod review series from BouncyTEM.

Hold on tight, this ought to be awesome!


Elemania in Chaos
Long forgotten is the era of harmony that once existed on the island of Elemania. Sometimes the best way to handle the chaos of society is to avoid it entirely. But sometimes society cannot be avoided.
Fat Cyclist Cartoons
A few preposterous cartoons for my dad, the Fat Cyclist. They're very silly! Oh yeah, and there's a game to go with them. I believe I was thirteen when I made 'em, it was back in 2007.


Fat Cyclist's Rolling Adventure
I made this game for my dad too! It's a fun, rolly, platformey adventure through the lands of whiteness and squiggles. Find all the objects!


You know, like drawings and stuff!
We make music. Do you make music? We make music.
We want to hear from you!
The Past
The much older version of this site! It has lots of old games and some other things. (DISCLAIMER: Some of it is fun, but some of it is kind of embarrassing.)

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